Dade Institute of Technology is the dba name of Compu-Design USA which was founded in July of 2006 in order to provide quality computer training and consulting in the Information Technology field. Our ultimate goal was to provide a mix of quality service and education to our community in order to empower our people with the necessary skills to be successful in this global economy.

Dade Institute of Technology's mission is to prepare graduates for careers in the Information Technology field by providing up to date theory and practical courses of instruction in order to be very competitive in life and the job market. Those students will be trained not only to pass the specific vendor certification but also to be ready for any employer in the job market.

Dade Institute of Technology does not have a campus security or police force. We report all crimes directly to the proper civil authority. The Owner/Director/or a staff member will be responsible to contact any authority such as local or state police, fire or medical personnel that might be required. Any breach of security, such as assault, robbery, the sale of controlled substances, etc. will be reported to the local police and full prosecution will follow if needed. All students and staff are to report any breach of school security such as theft, assault, or misconduct to the Owner/Director or staff member of the school as soon as possible after the occurrence of the act. The Owner/Director or Instructor of the School will discuss during orientation class the importance of the students to always guard against theft of personal property as well as the theft or misuse of school property and to report all such activities to the Director or staff person as soon as possible.


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NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Florida 33162
(305) 671-3666
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