About Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts


At SCSOPA students are not lost in large classes. As an explicit policy,our acting, modeling, dance, and voice programs limit class size, making individual attention and interaction among students and instructors possible. Our acting, modeling, dance, and voice students are encouraged to meet faculty for one-on-one consultation throughout their programs.

SCSOPA strives to create an environment that promotes personal development and learning over competition. In keeping with this philosophy, SCSOPA takes pride in its open door policy of admission. Students from diverse backgrounds and from all walks of life are welcome. All classes at SCSOPA nurture a supportive, positive atmosphere conducive to the level of collaboration required to BECOME A SUCCESS.


SCSOPA continues to give each student life skills in the field of presentation, memorization, self-esteem, confidence, public speaking ability, projection and much much more. Academically SCSOPA has the opportunity to help those who are in school to achieve academic goals. SCSOPA students expressed that our programs not only help them get in front of agents weekly, but also helped them in their school environment!

Santa Clarita School of Performing Arts

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