About St. Nicholas Catholic School

Established in 1958, St. Nicholas Catholic School started with Fr. McNeill as pastor and the Benedictine Order as the teachers. The charism, or philosophy, was "prayer, work, and hospitality." One hundred students were enrolled that year in First through Fourth Grades. Grades were added and in 1961, the school graduated its first Eighth Grade class with 24 students. Today we offer Preschool through Sixth Grade and our Student Learning Expectations (SLEs) are Faith, Learning, and Service.

The purpose of our school is to help families bring their children closer to Christ by providing the children with an excellent integrated religious, academic, and social education in order that they may develop a Christian attitude, a solid work ethic, and respect for themselves and their community.

St. Nicholas Catholic School

Wes Remaley,
806 F St.
Rupert, Idaho 83350
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