About Minidoka County

About Minidoka County

Minidoka County is filled with rich history and beautiful scenic views. Minidoka County is a wonderful place to visit and an even better place to live! Please take a moment to explore Minidoka

The winding path of the Snake River, which crossed the area now known as Minidoka County, was the route of the early pioneers heading west. Minidoka Village, established in 1884, was the first permanent settlement and served as a railroad siding. The Bureau of Reclamation has stated that Minidoka is a Shoshone Indian name meaning "broad-expanse."

In the early 1900s, the government-owned land was made available for settlement and ownership by homesteading. Homesteaders were required to file a claim, live on the land for three years and do a limited amount of farming. Around 1912, many homesteaders came to live in the neighborhood of Kimama and Minidoka. However, by 1932 none of the dry land homesteads remained because of a lack of rainfall and other hazards such as frost, wind, weeds, and pests.

Minidoka County

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