About Doyslestown Telephone Co./ Ohio.net

Doylestown Telephone Co. was founded in May of 1899 in Doylestown, Ohio. While our dedication to our town has never changed, Technology has advanced many times over the years; we are constantly updating our services to keep both our residential and business customers current with the most effective and beneficial technology available.

Who We Serve

We provide phone, internet, and cable to over 4,000 customers in Doylestown and the surrounding Chippewa Township in Wayne County, Ohio. For those who live in Marshallville, Ohio, please see our Heritage website.

Our Strength is Our Customers, Our Community, Our Employees, and Our Technology.

Doyslestown Telephone Co./ Ohio.net

Thomas Brookman,
81 N. Portage St.
Doylestown, Ohio 44230
Access our Mobile App by texting DOYSLESTOWNTCON to 72727