About Raw Republic

Business partners and first cousins, Jordan, Jesse, and Zack, saw endless possibility with the birth of Raw Republic. The three have adopted the raw food lifestyle and have personally experienced the health benefits of juicing. With their entrepreneurial background and the help and support of their family members, they created this concept of a Republic of Juice.

Born and raised in Aventura, the three cousins decided to open this family operation in their very own backyard. Our family has always been in the entrepreneurial world. For us now, at this time of our lives to find a location that was right in Aventura, it was a really cool opportunity for us to work together and put together a sizable business. We just put our heads together, did some research and opened up Raw Republic.

Our first locale opened in Aventura, and our second recently launched in North Miami Beach. Both offer cold-pressed juices, detox cleanses, smoothies, aa bowls, raw desserts, and vegan grab-and-go bites. As far as what differentiates Raw Republic from other local juiceries, (the question we get all the time) we all agree that its 1) company culture and 2) we are providing a product that is really what you see is what you get.

Raw Republic

Jesse Gimelstein,
14871 Biscayne Blvd
North Miami Beach, Florida 33181
(727) 463-0814
Access our Mobile App by texting RAWREPUBLIC to 72727