About Glen Oaks Resorts LLC

As Southern Impression (SI) Homes takes its unprecedented approach to home building, we sat down with Co-Founder and President, Chris Funk, to get the details of where it all began and what SI Homes has in store for the future.

What led you to create SI Homes?

Carter and I got into the real estate business just as the crash was starting to take hold. For several years, we focused on acquiring and renovating foreclosed homes. Once renovated, we would sell the properties to a homebuyer or lease them. Like any business there are ebbs and flows as the economy started to recover, development and new construction was a natural progression.

With the help of our amazing team and loads of research, Southern Impression Homes was born.

Glen Oaks Resorts LLC

Carter Funk,
5711 Richard Street
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
(904) 669-7964
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