About Direction Desk

Direction Desk is retailer and manufacturer of standing desks and standing desk accessories. The company was started in 2017 by Nathan McWhirter.

Currently, the company is working to get standing desks into corporate office spaces. The company is still developing its school products and plans to begin selling them in 2019.

Direction Desk was started by Nathan almost out of necessity. He recommended standing desks to all of his clients. McWhirter was enlightened to the other benefits of standing desks when he began needing them himself.

After constantly being reminded of how just standing more can increase the health, energy, concentration, and well-being of someone; McWhirter decided to start his own standing desk company.

The mission is to get standing desks into every corporate office, home office and school across the US. McWhirter almost feels responsible to get as many people to experience the benefits that standing desks have offered him and his clients.

Direction Desk

Nathan McWhirter,
42211 7th Street East
Lancaster, California 93535
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