About Main Street Port Clinton

The Main Street Port Clinton is a 501C3 non-profit organization started by residents of the community who were interested in the preservation and revitalization of downtown Historic Port Clinton. All of our fundraisers go to our efforts to revitalize our historic downtown. All of our fundraisers go to our efforts to revitalize our historic downtown.

The organization is comprised of citizens, government representatives, and business/property owners who have volunteered their time and talents in order to promote, preserve, and improve Port Clintons historic downtown.

Main Street Port Clinton believes that revitalization is a comprehensive, incremental, self-help economic strategy that focuses on developing public-private partnerships to enhance community livability and job creation while maintaining the character and charm of Historic Port Clinton.

Added services we offer are Community Event Planning including Walleye Festival, Community Christmas, Zombie Pub Crawl, and Downtown Trick or Treat.

Public improvements including, but are not limited to: benches, planters, trash receptacles...

MSPC is striving to protect, preserve, promote, and improve downtown Historic Port Clinton as a vibrant centre for businesses, entertainment, and cultural activities for residents of the community and visitors to the area.
Accessible by water or land, Downtown Port Clinton, a popular destination on Lake Erie, is a thriving community welcoming residents and visitors alike to enjoy the unique shops, excellent restaurants, year-round entertainment, and cultural activities located within the beautifully restored historic downtown business district.

Main Street Port Clinton

Nikki Adams,
110 Madison Street
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
Access our Mobile App by texting MAINSTREETPC to 72727