About Square One Restoration

Accidents happen all the time, even in places where you would least expect it. Magic Valley is no exception. From Twin Falls to Burley, fires, floods, storms and even mold affect peoples homes and businesses everyday. These can cause anything from minor irritations to really big headaches, not to mention the worry that accompanies accruing restoration costs. Our team at Square One knows these concerns, which is why we not only provide the highest level of cleaning restoration standards after building damages, but we also offer the best, most competitive prices in the area to put more money back in your pocket.

We understand the effect of a fire and the extreme damages excess water can cause to a home. Our restoration experts help you return your home to a pre-loss condition while providing you fair and open estimates upfront. This ensures that you know about all of the restoration and cleaning costs with no hidden fees or extras that we try to fit in the bill. This also entails that our services are completely comprehensive, which is why we can offer you a complete restoration of your home or office that was damaged by anything from a small leak to a large fire.

Square One also sets itself apart because we not only fix the damages, we prevent the problems from happening again. We find the source of damage and do everything in our power to fix it and prevent further destruction. With our satisfaction guarantee, no matter how the damage occurred, you know that aftermath will be handled with the best, most professional restoration services in the area. Call Square One Restoration today before damage increases and restoration costs escalate

Square One Restoration

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