About United Metals Recycling LLC-Heyburn

United Metals Recycling has operated in the scrap metal recycling industry for over 40 years and is proud to represent the State of Idaho and the Northwest. Our operations are based on Integrity and a quality of service that exceeds our customers expectations.

Our 6 full-service scrap recycling operations, electronics recycling operation, automobile salvage, and scrap transportation services allow United Metals Recycling to handle all facets of the recycling industry. Our diversification of abilities allows us to be a one-stop-shop for our customers recycling needs. Call or email us today and let's discuss how United Metals Recycling can service all of your recycling needs.

United Metals Recycling is involved in many facets of the recycling industry, including scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metal, end of life electronics, as well as used auto parts. Our ability to buy and process material that we source from plant tear downs, manufacturing scrap, commercial accounts, and retail customers is what sets us apart as a company. Is Proud to be an American owned company who is willing and able to provide quality recyclable material to many other businesses throughout the world.

United Metals Recycling LLC-Heyburn

Amie Oldham,
1840 HWY 30
Heyburn, Idaho 83336
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