About Mental Health America

Founded in 1924, we are one of the oldest nonprofit mental health organizations in the country. We use four cornerstones: service, education, advocacy, and training, to create opportunities for adults and young adults living with a mental health diagnosis to recover full, meaningful lives.

We serve Los Angeles County, California, with direct service sites in Long Beach and Lancaster. Our service programs are based on our nationally recognized and replicated model of recovery. We reach out to people living on the streets through our homeless services programs, one of which offers the unique provision of integrated mental and physical healthcare through our collaboration with The Children's Clinic. Our full-service partnerships provide multi-dimensional tools and resources to allow those we serve to live safely, successfully and independently in the community.

Our diverse array of programs allows us to systematically address the needs of people in Los Angeles living with mental illness by providing flexible services that can be tailored to meet any given member's needs. We consider the people we serve to be members of our organization and the driving force behind their own recovery. The self-responsibility that comes from being able to take ownership of their recovery helps empower our members to move fully through our organization and on to independent living. It is this unique, person-centered perspective on service provision that has earned us the reputation of being one of the leading mental health non-profits in the nation. It is this reputation that has earned us the opportunity to advocate for our members nationally and to train other services providers internationally on recovery-oriented practices.

Mental Health America

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