About 1500pays LLC, Medical Billing Company

In 2016, Rochelle Wyatt (mother) and Ashley DeMay (daughter) decided to join forces and open 1500pays.

We know first hand that it takes far more than simply completing a CMS 1500 claim form to ensure adequate reimbursement. It takes expertise, experience and knowledge, in all aspects of health insurance from billing to coding to reimbursement.

We believe that all types of medical providers could benefit from a team who has spent more than 30 years in the health insurance industry. Having worked as a Medical Biller and as a Claims Examiner we have that intimate knowledge of both sides of the process that is critical to revenue management.

1500pays is Rochelle and Ashley, a mother/daughter duo with a strong work ethic. We are excited about the future and we are committed to using our experience to recover every dime that is due for you.

More than 15 years ago, I had this dream of opening my own medical billing company. My goal was not necessarily to quit my job and have a home-based business. I just wanted to use my experience to provide a second source of income for our growing family.

1500pays LLC, Medical Billing Company

Rochelle Wyatt,
42263 50th street, #510
Quartz Hill, California 93536
(661) 206-8819
Access our Mobile App by texting 1500PAYS to 72727