About Worth County Primary School

Our direction for the WCSD is to meet or exceed established accountability measures and increase the graduation rate to 80% or higher. We will exhibit high expectations, provide relevant and rigor instructional practices, make data-driven decisions, use evidence-based interventions and celebrate our success. We will attract and retain high-quality teachers, prepare graduates for post-secondary endeavors in order to provide a foundation for the economic development of the community.

Welcome to an exciting year of learning at Worth County Primary School! As the 2017-2018 school year gets underway, I look forward to all the learning and new experiences we will be sharing together. It is our wish that you will feel wanted and welcome at Worth County Primary School, and that you will become involved in some of the many opportunities available to you while your child is a student here.

Thank you for everything you do to support us with your childs learning. Best wishes for a successful year full of teaching and learning at WCPS.


Jared Worthy

Worth County Primary School

Jared Worthy,
1304 N. Isabella Street
Sylvester, Georgia 31791
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