About Lakeland Charter Service

We started by booking the Charter. We got on the Boat at 0545. The boat ride to the first stop was 1 hour. The Captain Cody says,"Cast out, Count One thousand to 10 one thousand then reel in slow til you feel the three bumps on your line. As he said 30 second latter. My first fish of the day is on. Keeping the line tight,reeling the so to be mine Walleye. As soon as the Walleye is one foot from the surface Captain Cody swooped the Walleye up. Put it on the scale an said 28 3/4 inches. This turned out to be the largest of the two day Charter.
We used the Erie Dearie set up with a night crawler as live bait.

Lakeland Charter Service

Deb Clemons,
349 Lighthouse Oval
Marblehead, Ohio 43440
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