About Oak House

The Oak House is a psycho-social rehabilitation center in a clubhouse environment. Oak House serves adults in the Ottawa and Erie Counties who are recovering from a mental illness. Oak House helps build a network that allows members to be self-sufficient, productive members of our society.

Members are served lunch Monday - Friday at the Acorn Caf located in the Oak House. Each day between 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon members are provided with a wonderful lunch and dessert selection of fruit, pies and cakes.

The mission of the Oak House is to provide a
non-judgmental safe haven for adults recovering from mental illness by enhancing community in vocational, social, recreational and self-sufficiency activities.

Oak House members take pride in their community and show this by picking up trash along a two mile stretch of road. Oak House is used by community organizations for training and meetings.

Oak House

Wendy Abrahamson,
1819 East State Road
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452
Access our Mobile App by texting OAKHOUSE to 72727