About America's Job Center of California

WorkSource California is a network of workforce experts that leverage funding and resources across the Los Angeles region to provide job seekers and businesses with no-cost, high value employment and training services. Lancaster Americas Job Center of California is a proud partner of WorkSource California, an initiative of the Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board.

Lancaster Americas Job Center of California offers job seekers, employers, veterans and young people a single source for all the information they need regarding employment, training and career counseling. The center brings together the resources of over a dozen different partner agencies and organizations that can help you find the answers you need. Is designed to help streamline the job hunting, recruiting and job training process by putting a wealth of resources together in a single locale. Job seekers benefit by being able to spend more time looking for the right job and less time wading through paperwork and endless lines. Employers benefit by obtaining pre-qualified, pre-screened candidates for openings. They can obtain assistance with assessing candidate skills, creating custom training programs and learning about special WOTC benefits that can save a business thousands of dollars. Young people benefit by discovering career paths that interest them and learning more about training, apprenticeships and intern programs that can help them gain experience.

When the Antelope Valley is working, we all benefit from a sound, robust economy. Statistics show that when a community's residents are employed in quality jobs, crime is reduced, property values grow and we all enjoy the fruits of our collective prosperity.

America's Job Center of California

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