About Macclenny Primitive Baptist Church

When we gather to worship God and hear the preaching of Gods word, we make no distinction between single or married; with children or without; young or old. God has no respect of persons, but views us all as His children and desires our united praise and adoration. Entire families sit together in our worship services. Even babies are welcome in our sanctuary. Parents and children hear the same teachings taught by God called men.

The form of worship service practiced by the first-century church as recorded in Acts and the epistles exchanged the elaborate pageantry of temple worship for unadorned simplicity. Our worship services begin with a capella singing, and every member of the congregation is encouraged to take part. Like every other aspect of New Testament worship, in Spirit and in truth, the song service reflects this simplicity.

Jesus Christ gave the church two formal functions: Baptism and communion. We practice baptism of professing believers by full immersion. We welcome all baptized members of the Primitive Baptist church to take part in the Lords Supper: Wine and unleavened bread, followed by the ceremonial washing of feet.

Our Bible is the version authorized by King James of England and published in 1611. We find no other translation whose history of acceptance and use among the English-speaking saints concords better with the biblical precept that Gods revealed the word, and the true faith and practice it documents, were delivered but once and will always be preserved.

Macclenny Primitive Baptist Church

Michael Green,
94 North Blvd. East
Macclenny, Florida 32063
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