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Zimbo's Beef

Zimbo’s meat is local, pastured, grass-fed, hormone free, antibiotic free and we do not feed corn or other grains to the beef. The beef and pork are raised in clean, healthy conditions, the animals are humanely treated, given a diet of spring water, mixed grasses, wild forage, and the animals always have access to trace mineral lick-blocks as well as shelter from the weather if they choose it.  The hogs do receive supplemental feed containing corn.

Zimbo’s meat is never factory farmed, is never in a feedlot and never ‘finished’ on corn. In general, grocery store beef and pork come through filthy feedlots where the animals are fed corn and anti-biotics and crowded into soggy pens knee deep in manure without a blade of grass in sight. After this ‘finishing’ the animals go to huge, dirty factory-like packing plants that process hundreds of animals per hour. These massive facilities are very difficult to keep sanitized, the animals are mistreated and the large numbers of low-wage workers do not care about quality like a small family owned and operated butcher shops do. In addition, ground meat in stores may be a mix of animals from many locations. There is no way for the consumer to know specifically where their meat was sourced from and exactly how it was raised. It’s no wonder that most of the store-bought ground beef in the USA is contaminated with harmful bacteria and fecal matter. A 2015 Consumer Report found that in a nationwide study 100% of ground beef from stores was contaminated with fecal matter and harmful bacteria. This bacteria is not harmful enough to kill but it does prevent digestive systems from performing at optimum health. When you buy grocery store food do you really know where it came from and what was done to it?

Zimbo’s beef is processed by a small, local ’boutique’ butcher shop that does only a few animals a day and cleans thoroughly between each.

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Zimbo Paul
Phone: 865-679-2491

I will recycle. I will not use chemicals toxic to the soil. I will limit fuel use as much as possible. I will capture more carbon than I emit. I will try to run an operation as sustainable as possible. I will try to generate as much of my energy as I can. I will heat my home with renewable energy. I will not waste.