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Heart Mind Integration (HMI) Session

$70/hour session; $20/ Group Introduction regularly.  Sliding scale available.

"In order to truly manifest our destiny, we need to integrate the parts that are blocking our highest good/possibility (destiny).  As each part integrates back into your essence (merges), you take on more spirit energy and continue towards your true destiny."  
Tommy Priester

How it works:

There is a new body of research that supports the notion that we are much more than what we think of, like us. The mind-body connection is far greater than the simple ego/self. First, there are two types of ego, the balanced ego, and the imbalanced ego. The healthy ego equals our healthy balanced self or integrated selves (healthy boundaries, acceptance, compassion, unconditional love and so on). The imbalanced ego equals our disintegrated self, the parts of us that react inappropriately to the situation at hand.

What I see, from my experiences in this work, is that we all have multiple personalities (PARTS). I call them parts. These parts have come together to form the imbalanced aspects of our egos.  These parts can carry many different charges, in response to their perceived hurts. Each part is related to an event or trauma in that person’s life, where they perceived or misperceived a particular event. Upon this injury, this part splits off from the spirit self/psyche and goes into a shadow area. I call this area, the field. Once a part leaves our higher self, no matter what the reason, it becomes stuck there until we go out to find it.

This event is the key to the healing process. Depending on the part’s charges related to the event, you may or may not be allowed in to connect with it. The understanding that I am being shown is the part that is carrying this charge is hurting, angry, sad, abandoned, fearful, etc. The problem is that the part has taken on a charge or contract/belief if you will, that is in response to the original hurt. It is stuck in the mindset, the moment of the event and its response to the event. It often doesn’t look or act anything like the original part. It can show up as mean, aloof, hurting, sad, distant, aggressive, ugly, grotesque, Pollyanna-ish, etc.  The parts can take on a roll of fierce protection, or victim, or anything in between. Each has their challenges as to how to work with them.

The key here is that the client must look into their system from the perspective of the HIGHEST Self or GOD Self. There can be no judgments towards the part on either the client’s or the practitioner’s behalf. If so, this will block the process. One must approach with care, honoring this part and letting the part know that you are here from the perspective of your highest self. Letting it know that you are here to learn and understand who this part is, what happened to it and what it needs to heal.

Each part has a story or stories that compile its traumas/burdens.  These stories are the place to bring your focus if the part is willing to share them. The part will either tell you or show you the event and feelings associated with that event. The client at this point is being reminded to be the witness and just channel the emotions that come up and out through their system. After the part has shown you it's charged (what energy it took on to try to protect you or itself) and its stories, then there’s usually an opening to start the healing process.

If you are interested in this amazingly empowering healing session, please contact Susan Daniel.  For more information go to!

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