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Ceramic Window Tint

San Antonio Window Tint

Window tinting has many benefits. It protects you and your home or car from the damaging effects of the sun, like cancer or fading. It can also provide security and privacy while letting in light and letting you see out. It can even make your home more energy efficient and keep your car cool on a hot day. With so many benefits, many users wonder how exactly window tint works.

The Basics of Sunlight
Sunlight is made up of three different components: visible light, infrared light, and ultraviolet light. Although we only see the one type of light waves, the infrared and ultraviolet rays can still cause damage. UV rays are the cause of the majority of skin cancer cases. Basic glass does not block any of these damaging rays. In order to be protected from these damaging rays, something must absorb or reflect them. Because basic glass just lets everything in, you have to add a layer of tinting that will provide absorption or reflection in order to protect you, your home, or your car. There are four different styles of tinting available depending on your needs.

Dyed and Ceramic Tinting
Dyed or ceramic tinting provides a film that absorbs the dangerous light waves. Dyed tinting is a layer of dyed film, typically a UV-treated optical grade polyester. The dye on the film has absorbing properties. Ceramic is the most technologically advanced tinting. It actually absorbs twice as much as dyed or hybrid tints. You can retain a pretty light shade with ceramic tinting while getting the best protection. However, it is a heavier tint film and can take longer to produce.

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