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Rodent Control

One of the most common types of rodent we homeowners deal with is the House Mouse.

The house mouse is slender, has a long bare tail, its ears are almost bare of hair and its belly is lightly colored. The house mouse does not need to drink water. It can obtain all necessary moisture from its food. It can squeeze through openings that are only 1/4″ wide. It can climb very well, can jump straight up about 18″ and can swim. It likes to stay against vertical surfaces. The house mouse is a very curious animal. It will quickly investigate objects that are placed within its environment. If all of its needs are meet, food, shelter, and sufficient moisture, it may not travel more than 10′ from its nest. It is a creature of habit and follows known pathways and prefers undisturbed areas.

The house mouse can cause several problems for homeowners. Gnawing by mice can be an expensive problem. Mice have incisor teeth which grow continually. Gnawing is a way for them to keep their teeth worn down. Mice have been known to chew through wood, hard plastic, boxes, furniture, and electrical wires.

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Janice Gillen
1012 Morton Street
Richmond, TX 77469
As homeowners, we need to stay on top of our lawns and look for signs of problems. Finding problems and having the time to deal with them, however, are two different things. Gillen Pest Control is here to help you!