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Trimble County Station

Trimble County Unit 1 is a 514 MW coal-fired electric generating unit located in Kentucky on the Ohio River approximately 20 miles southwest of Madison, Indiana.  Trimble County Unit 1 was placed in service in 1990.  IMPA has a 12.88% undivided ownership interest in Trimble County Unit 1, which is jointly owned by Louisville Gas & Electric Company (LG&E) and the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA).  Trimble County Unit 1 is equipped with particulate, SO2 and NOX removal facilities and utilizes high sulfur coal.  Installation of an SCR for NOX control was completed in 2003.  The SOremoval facilities were upgraded in 2005 to increase removal efficiency.
Trimble County Unit 2 is a nominal 750 MW, supercritical steam unit constructed at the same site as Trimble County Unit 1.  Trimble County Unit 2 was placed in service in 2011.  IMPA has a 12.88% ownership interest in Trimble County Unit 2, which is approximately 100 MW.  LG&E, Kentucky Utilities, and IMEA also hold ownership interests in the unit.  Trimble County Unit 2 includes state-of-the-art emissions control, including an SCR, a dry electrostatic precipitator, a baghouse; wet flue gas desulfurization; and a wet electrostatic precipitator.  The plant is designed to comply with all current emissions regulations and permit conditions and is well prepared to comply with upcoming federal regulations.  Trimble County Unit 2 also allows for fuel flexibility enabling the use of lower-cost or low sulfur fuels in the unit’s operation. 

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Indiana Municipal Power Agency
11610 N. College Ave.
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