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1945 Hiland Ave.
Burley, Idaho 83318

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Modalities / Healing Agents

Hot and Cold Therapy Uses:
Injuries during athletic participation or work participation are all too common. It is likewise
common for individuals to use ice and heat as a way to decrease pain and/or soreness for
athletes with injuries.  Knowing when to use hot vs. cold modalities is crucial. Each has
beneficial effects on the injured tissue when administered correctly. Each can also have negative
effects if administered incorrectly, unfortunately.

Heat Therapy
The following list represents a sample of various types of heat therapies. Electric heating pad,
microwave-safe heating packs, whirlpool, diathermy, exercise warm-up, ultrasound and
therapeutic exercises are all methods of heat therapy. An appropriate warm-up allows the
muscles to prime safely so they are prepared for the sequential exercise. Exercise is an
effective method to heat the body from the inside out. For athletes participating in sports, a
dynamic warm-up is recommended.  Biking and elliptical training can be used to warm-up in a
more controlled environment.

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Wright Physical Therapy located at
Jill Trowell
1945 Hiland Ave.
Burley, ID 83318
We serve the ageing grandparent trying to keep up with grandkids, to the young athlete trying to rise to the top who have joint, spine or sports issues.