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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accidents in Virginia take the lives of too many innocent people in the Community year after year. If they occur on major interstates such as I-95 in Richmond or Rte. 64 in Virginia Beach, these accidents affect the families and friends of the individual who was impacted directly in ways that are deep and permanent. When someone is killed or forever changed at the hands of an unconscious and careless driver, CAIL's experienced personal injury team will partner with victims and their families to stubbornly pursue the case to get our clients justice that looks for.

Anyone who chooses to operate a 3000-pound vehicle while under the influence of alcohol is choosing to risk their lives, and the lives of others, despite all of our community's attempts to discourage and stop people from driving drunk. The CAIL auto accident team in Virginia has seen the results of too many drunk driving disasters to feel any sympathy for the choices these people make which have a lasting and lasting effect on other people.

As a personal injury business in Virginia, CAIL represents the innocent victims of automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents throughout the state and in places like Richmond, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Newport News. We understand and expect that the insurance companies' attorneys will try all available legal maneuvers to avoid evidence of drinking and driving their clients from the ears of a judge and/or jury. CAIL will do everything possible to bring to the attention of the court every relevant piece of information about negligent and deficient driving so that our client's story is heard and justice is done.

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