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Tree Root Injection

Happy Roots and Shoots is working on a small ranch that is having problems with poor soil with high salt in the irrigation water being delivered to the trees.  Our proprietary mix will help with uploading beneficial minerals into the tree.  Six other trees were treated at this time.  This citrus tree after two weeks is showing much better color in the leaves. 

Photo #1 is the citrus tree being injected with the custom mix. This custom mix also includes a fertilizer to support growth in each gallon.  I injected about one quart per injection and a total of 4 injections. 

Photo #2 is the same tree shows one foot of growth after five months period of time.

Photo #3 the injection pump and tank, pump 4 gallons per min. at 60 psi.

Photo #4 is showing the injection of almond trees Fresno Ca. Using Happy Roots and Shoots custom mix to help trees uptake additional nutrients for better growth.

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