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Helps support Health Joints

Over the years the number one question that we get asked by our customers is for recommendations for products that support healthy joints.

As a result, we have stayed true to our principles of relying on science-based results We used virtually every supplement that is available commercially and has done trial work to measure their effectiveness.

In all that work we learned a few things:

First, there is a huge amount of variation in the effectiveness of products that are sold to support joint health.

Second, the price of the product has no correlation with its effectiveness. Some of the most expensive products on the market performed worse, in our trials than off the shelf, lower cost products.

Third, there is much more to an effective product than the amount of hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, or chondroitin it contains. The most effective products provide complete nutritional support to the joint and naturally supply the building blocks the musculoskeletal system needs for healthy structural integrity. One of the best sources for those nutrients comes from the humble egg. The egg has long been described as the perfect food and the more we study eggshell membrane the more it looks like the perfect food to nutritionally support joint health.

As a result of all of this research and more than a year working through product development and hands-on trials, we can now answer with confidence when one of our customers asks about the product we recommend to support joint health. That product is TrueTrac.

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True North Technologies located at David Farnum PO Box 116 Estherville, Iowa 51334
True North Technology exists to improve animal health and performance by providing the stock show community with science-based innovative solutions and products