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Most pawned items are redeemed within the four months of the contract; however, a small percentage of loans are not repaid. The property used to secure those loans is then disposed of. Most of the time, these items are cleaned up, tested and repaired, if necessary, before they are put out for sale.

Unless stated otherwise, all items we sell are guaranteed for 30 days. If the purchased item fails to perform properly, we will replace, repair or refund at our option. All clearance sale items get our 50-year guarantee. That guarantee states that if the item you purchased does not perform properly, you must wait 50 years and then return it for a partial refund.

Unredeemed jewelry is cleaned and polished before it is put out into the showcase. Some jewelry cannot be sold for one reason or another – maybe we have too many of that style, maybe it is broken beyond reasonable repair, maybe it is just too ugly or maybe it is a style that will not sell in our location.

For whatever reason, about half of the unredeemed jewelry has the stones removed and the gold sent to a refinery where it is converted into clean gold that can be used to make new jewelry. The stones that were removed from the mountings are sent out, where they are chemically cleaned, sorted and graded. They are then used to make our new jewelry. Because we loan less than the value of the jewelry, we are able to sell it for far less than traditional jewelry stores. Another reason we are able to sell new jewelry for far less than jewelry stores is that we use our own refined gold and recycled diamonds. Our overhead is minuscule compared to traditional jewelry stores.

If you have any questions or would like more information, contact us today.

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Our pawn shop accepts almost anything of value. If you have questions, contact us. Please note that we are unable to accept automotive items, clothing, cell phones and extremely fragile belongings. Bring a valid ID, such as a U.S. passport, drivers license, state-issued ID, Matrcula Consular or U.S. military ID. Identification is required by state law.