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622 Morgan St
Albany, Georgia 31791

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There is a new movement that has hit the culinary world and we here at Deb’s Curbside Cupcakes are glad to be a part of it. The trend is accepting that an extravagant kitchen isn’t necessary to provide delicious desserts to the masses. Deb’s Curbside Cupcakes is proud to offer a unique catering truck in Albany and surrounding areas in GA. In our mobile dessert truck there are culinary treasures just waiting to be discovered. Our desserts are created with passion and excellence to give you an experience that exceeds your every expectation. We are privileged to provide quick and absolutely delicious treats to satisfy your cravings. 

We also have cake pops! Deb’s Curbside Cupcakes is proud to present a delicious little cake treat on a stick. As with our traditional cupcakes, Deb’s Curbside Cupcakes is proud to serve a wide and delicious variety of cake pops. We can guarantee that each treat will surpass all of your expectations. We want to ensure you’ll come back for more because we want to offer you a delightful eating experience that no one else can. 

From the bakery to the truck to your palm, our cupcakes, and more look, smell, and taste fantastic. Deb’s Curbside Cupcakes uses its experience to deliver a memorable and fun eating experience every time you visit Curbie. Whether you just need a delicious snack or if you’re looking for a dessert to share with friends and family, we will promise to make you a happy customer with our treats. Keep an eye out for Curbie or connect with us at CURBIE’S SCHEDULE or by phone to find out where we will be next! 

ALLERGY WARNING........PLEASE BE AWARE......All of our recipes do not contain peanuts or tree nuts but are prepared in a kitchen using equipment that does come in contact with these ingredients. All of our recipes do contain eggs, flour/gluten, buttermilk and butter. Some contain fruit puree or whole fruit. We do offer gluten free cupcakes.

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Deb's Curbside Cupcakes
622 Morgan St
Albany Georgia 31791
Phone#: 229-789-4929

We are Albany Georgia's first ever mobile Cupcakery. We bake over 40+ cupcake flavors, cake pops, drip cakes, loaded brownies, Whoopie pies and cookies.