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Water Heating

Water heating is the third largest energy expense you have. Choosing to heat your water with natural gas is the cost-conscious decision, saving you money in the long-run.

Hot Water at Your Fingertips

Consider this - Water heating can account for 14 to 25% of the energy consumed in your home. Choose natural gas for your water heating needs—it’s the clear choice for saving time and money.

Top reasons for choosing a natural gas water heater:

  • Water heats twice as fast as electric
  • Quicker recovery, bringing you more hot water faster
  • Uses less energy and cost half as much to operate
  • Helps lower your carbon footprint, it’s the greener choice


Here’s a shopping tip: When choosing a water heater, study the Energy Factor (EF) label to determine the overall efficiency. The EF depends upon how quickly the energy source (gas, electric, etc.) heats the water, how much energy is lost when the water heater is idle (only storing hot water), and how much energy is lost as the unit cycles on and off.


If your water heater is 10 years or older, consider replacing it with a new ENERGY STAR certified water heater.  Water heaters can cost households up to $600 every year in energy costs.  

If all residential water heaters sold in the United States were ENERGY STAR certified, the energy cost savings would grow to nearly $10 billion each year, and more than 100 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented.  This is equivalent to the emissions from nearly 11 million vehicles.

Visit ENERGY STAR  for more information.

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