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Dog Houses

Ideally every pet dog would live in the house all the time.  Most dogs are pack animals and want to be with the rest of the pack (family is pack) as much as they can — but that isn't always possible and so we humans need to think about making it as safe and comfortable for our dogs while they are outdoors.

First thing your dog needs is a good dog house.  Dogs all like a "den" or comfy place where they can lie protected from the elements and feel safe.  Used to be dog houses looked like "Snoopy" dog houses (wooden with a gabled roof) but todays dog houses are made from many materials and in many shapes.

If a dog house is on your list of things to buy, keep these points in mind:

— dog houses should be large enough for your pet to stand up or lie stretched out but snug enough so they hold in body heat.

— every dog house should have door flap to protect from wind, rain and the elements

— dog houses should have dry bedding, like straw, wood shavings and blankets or towels

— a dog house should have water near-by 

— dog houses should be placed out of direct sun, the wind path, and where protected from rain or snow

— every dog house should be leak proof in the roof, sides and floor

— dog houses should be elevated off the damp ground

— dog houses should be insulated (hey you can add lights and electrical heat too!)

— dog house living should come with lots of attention, petting and playing from the family

We carry a full line of  Pet Mate dog houses because we believe they make some of the best dog houses on the market.  Take a look at the Dogloo or Pet Barn series. They keep pets healthy and safe so all you have to do is provide lots of love!  Come on down to the store or check out the  full line here  Pet Mate

Thanks, from the Staff of Redway Feed!

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