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International Banking

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Solutions for the International Community
Our goal at Chase is to help
you plan for the financial phases of your life. As an individual
with unique financial goals, we offer you an integrated approach to
banking and investing designed to benefit the unique needs of
customers outside of the United States.
Chase has been helping individuals with
complex financial requirements meet their goals for more than 200
years. Because much of this rich heritage comes from the expertise
acquired in serving the international community, we understand your
unique banking requirements and have the global resources you need
to handle your finances effectively.
Chase International Financial Services makes
life easier for individuals who manage their finances outside the
United States by providing customized financial solutions. Whether
you are a U.S. citizen living or working abroad or a citizen of
another country, Chase can provide you with a banking relationship
tailored to your long-distance needs. By combining superior products
with expert relationship management and customer service, Chase is
able to offer individualized solutions to suit the lifestyle of
international clientele.
Checking & Savings Accounts, CDs
As a Client, you have access to a variety
of flexible accounts and special benefits.
International Life Insurance
One of the most important investments you
can make; you can have access to international life insurance.
Establish an investment plan that
focuses on your financial goals and guides your decisions.
Chase Debit Cards & Credit Cards
Bank with one of the largest and most
prestigious financial institutions in the world.
Loans and Home Mortgages
Chase offers you a number of flexible
repayment options, including repayment terms.
Special Services
Our services are designed to make your banking as easy and
convenient as possible.

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