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Health Savings Accounts

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The Health Savings
Account: An Overview (HSA)
How to Apply
Contributions &
The Health
Savings Account: An Overview (HSA)
A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a new type of savings account that
allows you to save for current and future medical expenses tax-free. 
Discover how a Health Savings Account can afford you the freedom and
control to meet the rising costs of healthcare. 
Overview of HSAs
The M&I Health Savings Account offers competitive interest rates and the
money-saving extras you've come to expect from us. Learn how an M&I
Health Savings Account provides everything you need to start saving for
future medical expenses.
How to Apply
Learn more about the application process and how to set up a
contribution program. If you're already enrolled in an High Deductible
Health Plan* (and meet the eligibility requirements for an M&I Health
Savings Account), you can begin the application process now.
How to Apply
& Distributions
Find out how you, your company, your family or others can contribute
to your HSA on your behalf. You'll also learn how an M&I Health Savings
Account can help you address the growing cost of health care with
tax-free distributions for qualified medical expenses.
Contributions & Distributions
Curious about limits on contributions? Wondering what qualifies as an
out-of-pocket medical expense?  Find easy-to-understand answers to these
and other commonly asked questions about Health Savings Accounts.
Frequently Asked Questions
*High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP): A policy with a minimum
annual deductible of $1,000/individual or $2,000/family. Maximum
out-of-pocket expenses are not to exceed $5,100/individual or

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