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Root Canal

A root canal is a procedure specifically designed to save you from losing a tooth. Our teeth are comprised of certain parts, one of them being the pulp. A tooth’s pulp is where the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissue are housed. When this area becomes inflamed or infected, then action must be taken in order to save that tooth from falling right out of your mouth.

How Do I Know if I Might Need a Root Canal?

When your pulp becomes inflamed or infected, you will begin to feel symptoms that prompt you to take action.

  • Toothache

    These are pretty common, but certain toothaches point to the possibility of an inflamed/infected pulp. If you experience sharp pain in the middle of the night that leads into a generalized headache, then your tooth’s root may be suffering.


    If you see a bump near the top part of a tooth and/or pus present in the mouth, then there’s a good chance a root canal will be required.


    Extreme pain to hot and cold foods is a good indicator.

    Dark discoloration on the tooth points to a deteriorated pulp. This is a severe sign.

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