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At the end of the growing season, when the spuds have reached their perfect maturity, harvest begins. Many factors are monitored during harvest season to ensure the potatoes are only harvested during good conditions. Soil moisture is watched before and during harvest to check that moistures are within an acceptable range to help reduce bruising of the potatoes. Temperatures of the soil and the spuds themselves are checked throughout the harvest season. The potatoes have to be under certain temperatures for them to be able to be put into storage bins. Because the potatoes can only be harvested under a certain temperature, night time harvesting is sometimes necessary. If the potatoes are too warm while being put into storage, they can break down and cause the entire bin to be lost.

At Heartland Farms, specialized harvesters are used to harvest all of the potatoes. These specialized harvesters are equipped with precision GPS units and special equipment that only pulls spuds out of the ground. Pulling only spuds from the ground allows for rocks to be left behind in the field along with the soil and plant vines. Once the potatoes are dug from the ground, they are put in rows and then loaded onto specialty trucks and brought back to the farm. The movable booms on the harvesters load the spuds onto the trucks. The trucks have sides that fold down reducing the distance that the spuds have to drop into the bed of the truck. This reduces the amount of bruising and aids in treating the potatoes like babies.

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Heartland Farms, Inc.
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Heartland Farms mission is to produce a healthy and safe food product, maximize profitability, and maintain good ethical values.