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All of the potatoes are shipped from the fields to the main farm location in Hancock, WI for inspection and sorting before being put into storage bins or being shipped directly to our customers. During this process, any rocks that slipped past the harvester are sorted out and any imperfect potatoes are separated and sent back to the field to be spread for nutrients or shipped to local cattle farms for feed. After this inspection process, the potatoes are ready to be put into our state of the art, climate controlled storage bins.

Our storage bins are designed to be able to provide potatoes year round. Each bin is constructed with an envelope design. This is essentially a building within a building. Moisture is one of the worst enemies of potatoes and this building design keeps any moisture, like condensation, away from the potatoes. These bins are constantly monitored on a high tech computer system. If any of the monitored levels go out of their acceptable range, a page is sent to key employees to ensure the problem is fixed immediately. Along with the electronic monitoring, samples of potatoes are constantly randomly taken from the bins to guarantee quality. This system allows our potatoes to sit happy until they are shipped to our customers. All potatoes leaving the facility are graded and washed prior to shipping to our customers. After leaving our facility, the potatoes are sent on their way to the fresh market or to be made into potato chips. 

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Heartland Farms, Inc.
Jeremie & Richard Pavelski
907 3rd Ave
Hancock, WI 54943

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Heartland Farms mission is to produce a healthy and safe food product, maximize profitability, and maintain good ethical values.