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907 3rd Ave
Hancock, Wisconsin 54943

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Heartland Farms plants many different varieties of potatoes each year. These varieties include fresh market potatoes such as Goldrush, Norkotahs and Norlands and chipping potatoes such Pikes, Snowdens and special proprietary types for specific customers.

Each potato variety has different characteristics such as size, growing season length and required nutrients. All of these characteristics and more are taken into consideration while planting. For example, those varieties with a longer growing season are planted first and each variety is planted at a different depth based upon industry and independent Heartland Farms research.

The planters used at Heartland Farms are state of the art and equipped with all of the latest technology. Each planter is equipped with a precision GPS unit allowing for straight rows and maximizing the area used of each field to be planted. 

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Heartland Farms, Inc.
Jeremie & Richard Pavelski
907 3rd Ave
Hancock, WI 54943

Phone: (715)249-5555
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Heartland Farms mission is to produce a healthy and safe food product, maximize profitability, and maintain good ethical values.