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Forestry for Wildlife

The Forestry for Wildlife program teaches the CFA’s members about the importance of improving wildlife habitat on their woodland properties within the Catskill Region. The program is designed to improve all aspects of wildlife habitat specific to each member’s interests. This includes a crop tree release, releasing apple trees, patch clearcut, releasing desired regenerating tree species from competition, increasing available sunlight to the forest floor, hinge cutting, creating brush piles, creating available nesting habitat, installing bird nesting boxes, and other techniques.

Forestry for Wildlife provides essential wildlife habitat on members’ properties, while also enhancing the health of the forest by creating a fruitful and thriving overstory and understory. Contact us to schedule an on-site visit. We’ll explore your property and let you know what we can do to help improve your wildlife habitat! By providing more food, water and cover, a variety of wildlife species will call your property home.

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Just as gardens flourish from regular upkeep, forests benefit, too, from being thinned out. Careful trimming, pruning, and clearing of overcrowded woods, gives trees the sunlight they need to grow healthy and strong. Its also important to know when its time to start forests over by making very intensive harvests. The Catskill Forest Association helps landowners learn how to renew and regenerate forests to grow benefits, meaning healthier environments, more diverse habitats for critters, prettier open spaces, and better filters for water and air impurities, such as carbon.

Its our responsibility to steward the land for future generationsof humans and critters, alike. If you want to help the Catskill Forest Association in this effort, please contact us.

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