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packing tips

Once you have reserved the storage unit that is right for you, these are a few packing tips that can help to make your task of utilizing as much space as you can in your unit. You may want to think about two things as you prepare to pack your unit initially.

First, if you are going to load a truck and bring your items to the unit, you may want to pack your truck in the REVERSE order of the way you would want to pack your unit. This means that the items you would want to store FIRST in your storage unit, you may want to put on your truck LAST. This can help to prevent loading the truck, unloading the truck, then rearranging all your possessions.

Typically, when packing a storage unit, it is best to have all of your things in boxes that will fit into boxes. Be sure to label them for easy retrieval should you bring items into and out of your unit.

Next, it may be beneficial to use shelves or other types of organizational units to help keep your things tidy. In addition to this, you may want to be sure that as you pack your unit that you keep a central path. This will keep you from having to unload the entire unit every time you need to find something. After all, everything cannot be in the front.

Pack those things that you will least likely need to retrieve in the back of the unit. If there is no differentiation between these things, you may choose to store your heaviest items or those that take up the most room in the back. You can always use these things to stack other items onto.

Finally, whatever size unit you believe you need, reserve one that is one or two sizes larger. It never fails that you find you need more space than you initially thought you needed. Plus, by doing this, you can “grow” into your unit and will not be as likely that you will have to rent additional units or move all your things into a larger one soon after renting this one.

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