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3417 Warren Place, Apt. 103
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452

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Remnant Covenant

WE, as followers of Jesus Christ, members of Remnant Ministries, and participants in the life of this Congregation do hereby Covenant to treat each other with:

RESPECT: we will treat others with thoughtfulness and deference
PATIENCE: we will understand the journeys of others are not all the same and care will be given to allow the Holy Spirit to work with each of us in His own time
KINDNESS: we will be sympathetic and compassionate to each other
HONESTY: we will speak the truth, as far as we are aware and able, at all times
RELIABILITY: we will keep our word, to the extent we are able, and will only make agreements that we intend to keep
FORGIVENESS: we will forgive each other, just as we have been forgiven by our Heavenly Father
HONOR: we will treat others with respect, dignity, and worth
LOVE: we will lay down our own thoughts, opinions, actions, and lives for the good of each other

When someone breaks this covenant by not behaving in the manner in which we have agreed, we commit to:

STEP 1: Go to the person one-on-one: go with love, humility, pre-forgiveness, and the whole truth (to the best of your ability) with the intent of bringing restoration
STEP 2: Go with someone else: bring a third party who can see the situation with a fresh perspective and seek resolution and restoration
STEP: Go with the group: bring the situation before the whole group to show a united effort to find resolution and restoration
STEP: Separation: break fellowship until repentance and restoration can happen

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Remnant Ministries & The Reformation Institute
Joseph Perry
3417 Warren Place, Apt. 103
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone: 757-576-1090

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