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Therapeutic Reunification

Parental Alienation is a disorder that arises primarily in the context of a child custody dispute and children may refuse or sabotage visitation with a parent or caregiver with whom they previously enjoyed a positive relationship. It is important for the therapist to differentiate realistic estrangement from parental alienation. Realistic estrangement occurs in the context of visit refusals relating to inadequate parenting, neglect, and/or abuse. Pathologically alienated children may denigrate and lobby allegations of mistreatment and abuse against a previously cherished parent that cannot be confirmed. Typically these children display anger, hatred and fear toward the rejected parent that is significantly disproportionate to any of the misdeeds they claim that parent may have committed

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Youth Wellness & Family Education Center
1104 Corporate Way
Sacramento, CA 95831
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We have a strong commitment to reach and serve each client until they can independently stand alone in society with all the tools to live a healthy, productive lifestyle free of addiction and dependency on the welfare system.