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High Potency Apis & Cytotoxic APIS

High-Containment / Cytotoxic Capabilities 
AFC is one of only a few companies in the industry with the knowledge, experience and facilities necessary to handle commercial-scale production of highly potent and cytotoxic compounds.


AFC produced more than nine high-potency active pharmaceutical
ingredients (HPAPIs) at commercial scale for various customers during a
recent three-year period, and more than two metric tons of HPAPIs
in 2006.

Through triple containment, our facilities have safely handled products with an occupational exposure limit (OEL) as low as 0.2 microgram/m3.

The facilities include:
  • R&D laboratories designed and dedicated for high-containment chemistry.
  • A high-containment quality control (QC) laboratory for sample preparation
    and testing.
  • Three dedicated HPAPI production facilities separated from the general production areas.
    • One encompasses a simulated moving bed (SMB) production unit with
      6x75 mm (3") diameter columns.

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