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This is a testimonial from my client, Jim Dicker owner of Tree Care Services of Lexington.  He has had such success these past years!  He has ran many races as well as finished many half marathons, and playing senior soccer which is amazing achievement because he was not active prior to working with me.  His business is thriving and he has married the love of his life.

"Matrx Coaching is an extraordinary business.  My initial hesitancy with Suzanne Riley-Whyte’s services was merely my reluctance to acknowledge a need for improvement in my life.  When I first started working with Suzanne, my life seemed sufficient, but it lacked purpose and focus.  I was separated from my wife of 23 years, my business was underachieving, I had been fired from my second job, and I was probably in the early stages of depression.  I was overweight, unhealthy, and drank too much. 

Suzanne helped me to find activities that inspired and interested me, helped me to actually focus on the things that are most important to me, and helped me deal with my feelings of inadequacy, failure and fear.  I have learned to love, honor and respect myself, as well as all those I deal with in my life. What I have accomplished with her help, guidance and encouragement is nothing short of a total transformation of my life. 

One of the most important qualities I have experienced with Suzanne is an amazing sense of trust in her abilities to perceive needs, encourage actions, and achieve results.  I cannot endorse her talents highly enough.  I can say with complete confidence that a potential client literally does not know what they’re missing."  Jim Dicker

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Matrx Coaching, LLC
Lexington, South Carolina
(803) 760-6403

Matrx Coaching assists you in recognizing and achieving your goals; which allow you to be successful, prosperous, and happy.