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Blog Feburary 2017:  

Heart Health & Stress

Have you ever thought about how many times your heart beats in your life?   

Your heart beats 100,000 times in a day.
35 million times in a year.
2.5 billion times in an average lifetime.

Give a tennis ball a good hard squeeze.  you’re using about the same amount of force your heart uses to pump blood out to the body.  even at rest, the muscles of the heart work hard – twice as hard as the leg muscles of a person sprinting. 

The american heart association states that heart disease is the #1 killer worldwide and although stress has not yet been directly associated for this, the heart association states insignificant data on the subject.    
“Then why can stress be destructive, causing ulcers, heart disease, and so many other ailments of modern society?”

A question asked by scientist dr hans selye in his 1975 book, “stress without distress” and who coined the term, “stress” in his 1950 first comprehensive monograph in montreal canada.  

  “We must come to grips with our stress load” says dr selye “for perfect health, activity is a biological necessity.  strive for something achievable.  keep a simple life style.  Make yourself useful. Rest.  Sleep.  Vacation.”  

Do you do one?  
Or None?                                        How would you rate your heart health right now?   

                                                                                       Want to do something about it?


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