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Bark Beetles

The Bark Beetle is reeking havic on the Northern Sierra mountain trees. Killing hundreds. 

Happy Roots and Shoots has BAM-FX ready and waiting to help solve this problem by bringing life back to the trees and helping them fight this epidemic. We are traveling around, injecting BAM-FX into trees and getting amazing results!

Pressure Deep Root Injection, having a custom blend of fertilizer and growth enhancer, “BAM-FX,” is $40.00 per hour. In addition, custom fertilizer and BAM-FX cost $4.00 per gallon.

Contact us today to learn more and read the file below.


**You can see the dead, damaged trees above suffering from Bark Beetle damage.

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Happy Roots and Shoots injects a proprietary product and a custom blend of fertilizer. How our Deep Root Injection feeds your trees and plants where they live. Our custom mix gets zinc, copper and fertilizer into the root system in seconds to start new growth. Most trees can be saved with one or two applications of Happy Roots and Shoots Proprietary mix into the roots, over a three-month span.

Happy Roots and Shoots
PO Box 420
Silver Springs, Nevada 89429
(775) 220-0007