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Ron Bell

Ron Bell is involved with the Pony Express and other western programs, Ron has a book THE PONY EXPRESS RIDER along with the second book in the series called RUBY GOLD.  RUBY GOLD will be published within the next month.

For the past two years, Ron has been working on field trials and setting up sales and marketing efforts in various states throughout the Midwest and Western states for BAM Agricultural Solutions.

Ron Bell was raised in Pennsylvania on a dairy farm until the age of 11, he then moved to Long Beach, California. After he finished school and time in the US Army; Ron worked in oil production and on drilling rigs in and around the California area. Ron and his crew installed and fabricated 1.5 million pounds of new construction on a rig in Trinidad.

Another aspect of Ron’s engineering background was to build semi-automated auger welding systems, three of which are in Iowa and two others now in England. Just prior to coming on board with BAM Agricultural Solutions, Ron designed and built a semi-automated auger system for Stihl Equipment Company.

He also wrote a book that released in 2013, Ronnie Campbell Series: The Pony Express Rider


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Happy Roots and Shoots injects a proprietary product and a custom blend of fertilizer. How our Deep Root Injection feeds your trees and plants where they live. Our custom mix gets zinc, copper and fertilizer into the root system in seconds to start new growth. Most trees can be saved with one or two applications of Happy Roots and Shoots Proprietary mix into the roots, over a three-month span.

Happy Roots and Shoots
PO Box 420
Silver Springs, Nevada 89429
(775) 220-0007