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Leadership Coaching

Our unique, branded Paladin Approach© to leadership, symbolized by the white knight chess piece, incorporates a strategically focused, influence-based, Christian alternative to traditional leadership coaching and consulting.  

Just like the Twelve Peers of Charlemagnes’ court, we teach our Paladins to be fierce warriors in the pursuit of excellence.  This is symbolized by the white knight chess piece because the knight’s presence on the chess board, with its non-linear movements, elevates the game from one of frontal attacks and attrition, to one of strategy.  The knight also upsets the power structure of the positional leadership of the king and queen because it can influence the movement of those more powerful pieces. The knight is white symbolizing the Christian valor of the Paladins against the pagan and Saracen forces inside Europe during the middle ages. 

This unique approach is specifically designed to develop Christian leaders because, like Paladins, they have to display Christian valor in the metaphorical fight to claim the modern marketplace for Christ.  The Paladin Approach© channels our clients through the progression of page, to squire, to knight before becoming a Paladin.


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Strategic Influence Alternatives
3640 South Plaza Trail # 403C
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

As a Leadership Development Organization, we can help you be Strategic, Apply Influence and offer Alternatives to the status quo.