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Landing Zone Safety

Landing Zone Safety


1. Care Flight policy is to remain running whenever possible. This provides the patient with a quicker turn-around time back to the receiving hospital, and definitive care. Therefore, someone MUST be designated as LZ Safety Officer. This person is usually the ground contact individual who will be landing the aircraft.

2. Crowd and vehicle control are the primary concerns around a running helicopter. Establish a 150ft perimeter around the LZ and keep all non-essential personnel and vehicles out of the area until the aircraft departs.

3. NEVER run within the LZ. All personnel approaching the aircraft MUST receive the OK from the pilot or medical crew before entering under the rotor disk.

4. ALWAYS approach the helicopter from the 10 - 2 o'clock position, unless directed otherwise by pilot and/or medical staff.

5. NEVER approach the aircraft from the rear, or 6 o'clock position. Contact with the tailrotor is FATAL! Engine exhaust is 600-800 degrees Celsius!

6. No hats, IV poles, loose bedding or clothing around the aircraft when it is running.

7. When loading the patient into the helicopter, positioning rescuers of similar height across from one another will maintain balance and minimize the chances of tipping the patient. SECURE THE AMBULANCE GURNEY.

8. Except for extraordinary circumstances, we do not take family, friends or riders when transporting a patient.

9. When speaking with the pilot about the LZ, ALWAYS mention if other aircraft have been requested to the same location. ALWAYS mention hazards immediately adjacent to the LZ perimeter.

10. It may take a few minutes to depart once the patient is loaded because of patient care, securing equipment, etc. Please maintain perimeter safety of the LZ until Care Flight is airborne.

11. If the Care Flight helicopter should experience a Hard Landing or is damaged, NEVER approach the aircraft until all machinery has stopped moving! If a fire ensues, fire suppression and rescue efforts should be conducted in accordance with all FD training and procedures. Do not become part of the accident. Secure the perimeter of the crash site to include debris until the arrival of NTSB personnel.

12. We appreciate your assistance and your request for Care Flight to transport your patient! We will make every effort to assure that your procedures are followed. Please contact any crewmember with suggestions on ways Care Flight might improve service to you.

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Care Flight is a Critical Care Air Ambulance available for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year serving Reno, Fallon and Gardnerville, Nevada as well as Truckee and Beckwourth California in Plumas County.

450 Edison Way
Reno, NV
(775) 858-5700