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(775) 858-5700
Based in Reno NV and Beckwourth, CA, serving Reno, Fallon, Gardnerville,
and Truckee, California 89502

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Requesting Care Flight

Requesting Care Flight

1. Call 800-648-4888, Or Use Your Dispatch Center.

2. Be Prepared To Give The Following Information:

  1. a. Agency Name
  2. b. Agency Call Back Number
  3. c. Location: Use latitude & longitude whenever possible. Include any prominent geological features or identifiable (from the air) structures close to your location. If you have a pre-determined LZ, give us that information. Ski areas should identify which lift, run, or pre-determined LZ we should plan to use. Include any other information that may help us determine the need for special resources, such as backcountry location, need for SAR or multiple helicopters. If you are in a residential or suburban area, please include the street name with cross streets.
  4. d. Patient Information: Patient complaint or problem, age, sex, and estimated weight. If you have more than one patient needing Care Flight, let us know ASAP along with each patient's estimated weight.
  5. e. Radio Frequency and Contact Information: Unit number, radio frequency, and "line of sight" (simplex) frequency if you use one for ground-to-air communications (i.e. Firecord or Calcord). Care Flight will not be able to listen to scene radio traffic on a simplex frequency until we are line of sight. The Care Flight pilot will talk to you when the aircraft is approximately 5-7 minutes out, so be prepared to give your LZ information and notify the pilot when you have the aircraft in sight.

3. Review our Patient Criteria here.

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Care Flight is a Critical Care Air Ambulance available for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year serving Reno, Fallon and Gardnerville, Nevada as well as Truckee and Beckwourth California in Plumas County.

450 Edison Way
Reno, NV
(775) 858-5700