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Traffic Catcher System

Marketing to New and Existing Customers

The Customer Marketing Plan not only leverages the free technology you receive as a member, but also provides you with a plan on how to market to your existing customers. You can do this without increasing your monthly advertising budget. This will encourage your current customers to increase their business with you.

This System is INCLUDED with Membership

Members of Chamber Nation network, Chambers of Commerce, and others who are part of the Buy Local Program are provided with this system at NO EXTRA COST.

Not a Member Yet?

If you would like more information on how to join a participating Chamber of Commerce, or how to become involved in a Buy Local Program in your area, please use this form to contact us. We'll provide you with information on the organization(s) closest to your business.

All Chamber of Commerce members are also promoted through this website at no additional cost.
What's the Deal?

  • Members are Provided with A Marketing System
  • As a member of a participating Chamber of Commerce or membership organization, this system is provided at NO CHARGE. 
  • The only cost would be for on-site signage to promote your new online customer tools.
  • Members Receive Local Website Search Traffic
  • Most organizations that offer their members this program rank VERY HIGH on search engines.
  • This position enables them to reroute much of that traffic to member businesses. 
  • Traffic coming in from Chambers of Commerce and most Buy Local Programs will end up at member businesses.

Members Receive FREE USA Based Support

Most people resist dealing with technology when too much information is required and too many questions are asked about their business enterprises. 

By using the Customer Marketing Plan you will learn how to promote your business successfully to your current customers without the technical hassle. 

What's the Plan?

Current Customers are Important

It will be easy to communicate to your customers through the network they prefer--Cell Phone, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or the Member Business Network.

These are all powered by a single system while still updating your advertising via the Chamber of Commerce website, directory and into the area's Buy Local Program.

Your customers will be able to connect their cell phones to your offers while they are visiting your business and even receive text messages from you when you open a Twitter account and connect to this system.
Your Customers Want to Know You

Your customers want to get to know the businesses and the owners they work with. In this day of social networking, customers might want to know your position on local issues, as well as your delivery schedule, new products and sales. 

You care about your customers; but they also care about you, your company and what you offer them.

This is fertile ground to cultivate.
Customer Marketing Plan

When you activate all of the services associated with this program, you will not only be part of the most trusted network in town, but you will have the tools to connect with your customers in a real way through technology. 

But leave the technology to us. You need to run your business.

Trust and service are critical in every business, but connecting successfully for a long-term relationship is the goal. Our technology is a means to this end. 
What's Included in the Program?

You'll get lots of unique prospect traffic coming in from the various search engines as below.

You get everything you need to create a LOCAL ONLINE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN including :

A landing page for prospects coming in from the search engine. Your customers can learn all about your business and even yourself, if you choose.

A mobile phone website for your landing page and online coupons.

A smartphone mobile application for your products and services, as showcased in the Buy Local Program.

A coupon creator for use when you'd like to offer campaigns that start and stop throughout the year automatically. These coupons are also designed for presentation through your mobile phone website.

A social networking connector so you can broadcast your deals to your customers through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the Member Business Network. This can all be done through ONE system.

A Scrolling Business Slide Show (Tour).

A free membership in Green Business Chamber when you utilize and pledge to use the Going Green advertising module.

And much more.
Easy to Set up and Manage

We understand that most business owners are not necessarily technical in nature. Our support center is based in the USA and staffed with NICE PEOPLE who truly care about your success.

We don’t want you to worry about technology. That’s our job.

Once you are a participating business you will be provided with:

    - Access to our FREE Members Support center

The Search Engine Promotion

National Search Engines Lead People to THE Chamber of Commerce or Buy Local Program

People often use search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask to find information about a local community. 

Chambers of Commerce and certain Buy Local Programs typically rank number one, two, or three in these types of search results. 

This is a real marketing advantage.
Visitors are Switched from the National Search Engine to either the Chamber Search Engine© or the Area Search Engine©

Once the visitor hits the Chamber of Commerce or membership organization website from a national search engine, they have the option to utilize the Chamber Search Engine© in order to find details on local businesses.
Using the Chamber Search Engine©, Visitors will be able to find your business using keywords or phrases

Now the visitor can dig deep into information provided by the Chamber Search Engine© to find exactly what they are looking for.

This is where the rubber meets the road and why users of this system want to be sure they are set up properly to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this new system.

Your Customer Promotions

Promotions Include: Social Networking, Coupon Delivery, Mobile Phone Website, Free Live Support

TCS Prospect Landing Page

Your Traffic Catcher System (TCS) landing page is your primary tool for sharing information about your company, product, or service. 

This page makes it easy for customers and other members to refer you to others. This can be done via email, the member business network and social tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can leverage your landing page via your website or we can convert this landing page into a full website. 

We'll automatically link your landing page to the member directory, Chamber Search Engine (Area Search Engine) and the organization's website. 

You can expand its value by linking it in your email signature, on other pages you may have on the Internet, and in all customer facing emails.

Mobile Access

With the TCS landing page, Your prospects or customers can access your landing page from any mobile device, so you have the ability to get referrals while prospects are on the go.

When you activate the Buy Local Program an advanced version of your mobile site is activated. People can view your products or services with a flick of their fingers.

- TCS Page Mobile Site
- Buy Local Program Mobile Site

TCS landing pages are customizable making it easy to match your marketing look and feel.

You can customize messaging, add your logo, change the color theme, add custom headers and main images, include a scrolling business tour, and much more. 

You can also easily test your search results and adjust key words as needed for immediate impact through the Area and Chamber Search Engine. These adjustments can have a big impact on the number of prospects you receive.

Local Traffic

Local traffic is the most valuable traffic for most businesses. 

The Chambers of Commerce and other local membership organizations that we support typically rank highly on search engine results. 

This traffic is routed to members through the various marketing channels provided to you with your membership.

It's the perfect way to advertise locally online.

Local Social Stream

There are a number of advertising tools within your Traffic Catcher System. With a click of the MULTI-POST button, your special offers, events, and comments are added to the community social stream.

This stream runs live on many Chamber websites and community mobile apps.

You will be amazed at what you can do locally through the Internet with your Chamber of Commerce.

Members Can Help

If you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce that is using the Chamber Nation program, your business will also be included in website. 

This service is designed to help deliver additional prospects to Chamber of Commerce members.

Button Connected to Various Sites

Traffic Catcher System (TCS) also gives you the option to launch your landing page from a button on your website.

When one of your prospects clicks on your landing page button, it loads your page quickly with information that's important for a new prospect to see.

Visitors can easily send referrals to their friends, family, and colleagues, without ever leaving the landing page.

Monthly Reporting

The TCS system tracks all of your visits from the member directory that are generated from the Area Search Engine, and traditional search engines like Google.

The Buy Local Program even tracks not only the clicks, but also the actual views, and allows people to vote on which products or services you offer that they like the most.

It's the kind of data you need to make wise advertising decisions.

Social and Local Networking

Your customers may want to take advantage of their existing social networks to refer your company or service.

The TCS landing page has the modules to easily integrate with many different social services. Your prospects or customers can now share your busincess via services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Chamber Social Network, and others.


People love coupons. 

Your TCS landing page includes a whole area dedicated to your specials. 

You can easily create online coupons with staging by date. 

You can also upload a graphic coupon that will be delivered through the various promotional channels already set up in the program.

Integrated Video Commercial

Easily upload your business commercial onto YouTube, then place the embedded code into the specified box.

Your video will be automatically distributed through a link on the member directory and will also play within your landing page.

National Exposure

Although our focus is on delivering local prospects to you, the system is also set up to deliver national views. 

We send your TCS landing page information directly to Google through their site mapping API.

Free USA Based Support and Training

We pride ourselves on deliveriing excellent support for our customers and their members. We are EASILY reached by phone through our Free Members Support center.

Live training classes are also provided twice per month. We make it convenient by scheduling these classes in the mornings and evenings.

Included in Membership

Many people ask our support center if they will be charged for this service. The answer is: NO. 

Although this type of targeted advertising would normally have a monthly cost, it is included in your membership dues. 

This program is provided by our customers to thank you for being a member of their organization.    

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